Image with Commentary

November 2015

Our artistic journey begins with Leonardo da Vinci (1452 -1519) whose beautiful amber sketches used pigment derived from the ink sac of cuttlefish. The story continues with photographic printing which was able to increase the archival qualities of prints by converting the silver salts into sulfide compounds, thereupon changing the blacks and whites to shades of sepia. With the introduction of color photography, these warm brown tones developed their own aesthetic which was never displaced by analog or digital color photo technology.

The image, which contains both sepia and color, pays homage to this aesthetic journey. The X-ray monitor assists orthopedic surgeon Jonathan R. Gottlieb, MD by displaying 3 pairs of spinal fixation screws in different colors. Just as the sepia chemicals added additional stability and longevity to photographic prints, so do the fixation screws add longevity and stability to patients' spines. (2015)

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